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About HPMC Capsules

HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) capsules are 100 percent vegetarian, plant-based and plant-derived capsules ideal for those seeking an alternative to gelatin capsules but with the same level of performance. These vegetarian capsules are compatible with a variety of different formulations but are especially suited for oxygen-sensitive, quick-release, and hygroscopic (moisture-sensitive) fillings. They dissolve quickly and effectively regardless of different pH levels of the fillings and react independently of other outside factors. HPMC capsules are stable and easily fight against cross-linking or varying storage conditions, making them less susceptible to breakage or brittleness. These factors then all come together to create a smooth and efficient manufacturing process on all levels of production. 

product specs

Capsule Specifications

  • Capsules are clear in color
  • Capsules contain no preservatives and have no ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Stored in temperatures of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius and at a 35 to 65 percent relative humidity, away from sunlight
  • Compliant with USP/ EP manufacturing regulations



Capsule Benefits (Vegan/Halal/Kosher )

  • 100% vegetarian and free of animal byproducts
  • Halal and Kosher Certified
  • Stable molecular structure 
  • Efficient and effective dissolving capability
  • Compatible with a variety of formulas and dosages 
  • No cross-linking reactions 


HPMC Capsule Specifications

HPMC Capsules
  • HPMC clear capsules are available in sizes 00#EL to 2#
HPMC Capsules