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Genex Capsules Mission

We are GENEX Capsules, a professional manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical-grade hard capsules in China. Our goal is to provide the highest quality vegetable capsules and first-class technical support and customer satisfaction. We are located in Shaanxi province, the northwest of China. Our specialty is in the mass production of empty hardshell vegetable capsules with the highest quality and compliance standards. Explore our range of products, including pullulan, titanium dioxide-free capsules, and vegetable capsules.



Capstech Founding

Expansion of Capstech Co. specializing in research & development, production, and the marketing of HPMC capsules led to the establishment of GENEX BIO-TECH CO., LTD.


Capsule Production Begins

HPMC capsules were successfully developed by the Capstech research team and entered large-scale production. Pullulan capsules were also successfully developed during this time. 


GENEX Founding

GENEX BIO-TECH CO., LTD became one of the few China-based manufacturers specializing in the production of two-piece, hardshell vegetarian capsules. 


California Warehouse Open

GENEX’s new factory officially opened in May. Official trial production started in July, and GENEX Bio-Tech USA Inc. opened a large storage warehouse in California.


Capsule Production Expands

All production lines fully opened for the production of vegetarian capsules.


GENEX capsules

Quality Products and Performance

We insist on making high-quality capsules for our customers and are committed to manufacturing best-in-class products. 

GENEX Capsules


GENEX advocates for a more harmonious coexistence between humans and animals and the planet. The creation of the vegetarian capsule enables us to rely less on animal products and byproducts. 

GENEX Capsules

Traceable for Quality

Each batch of GENEX capsules we manufacture has a batch number and undergoes rigorous quality control measures to pass inspection and sale to the customer. If you have issues with your order, our customer support team can help you resolve them. 


Manufacturing QC standards/ Equipment

We are equipped with multiple production lines and high-speed and semi-automatic filling machines capable of an annual output of billions of empty vegetable capsules. 

Follow along with each step of our capsule manufacturing process: 

Manufacturing Process

1. Receive the raw materials

2. Prepare solutions

3. Manufacture capsules

4. Imprint

5. Inspect finished product

6. Package

7. Send to warehouse

Regulatory Certifications

IFRC Hong Kong Islamic Food Research Centre

HALAL Certificate No:

Certificate of Registration:

Shaanxi Genex Bio-Tech Co. Ltd.
ISO 9001:2015